Rolex Explorer 1016 ‘Space-Dweller’ Replica

Rare is a term often used liberally when it comes to vintage Rolex Replica UK, but there are few watches for which it is more appropriate than it is for the Space-Dweller. This is one of those mythical watches you hear about, but almost never see in person. It looks like a regular Explorer 1016 from the 1960s, except for one line of text on the dial.

That sounds small, but it’s a pretty big deal. In short, this rare Cheap Rolex Replica Explorer was specifically created for the Japanese market after a visit from the Mercury astronauts in 1963; however, the branding never really caught on, very few were produced, and the watch became a unicorn of many Best Fake Rolex enthusiasts. You can also bet that, like all 1016s, the slim 36mm case is going to be a wonder on the wrist. This example shows a bit of corrosion on the periphery, but overall the glossy dial looks great.