Rolex Replica Oyster “Paul Newman” Daytona Gold Watch Sold

Known as the “legend” of the Rolex Daytona Replica Watches only in the more than $ 3.7 million in sales the next day, is one of the most important watch auctions – Philip Geneva Replica Watches auction. This watch is sold out of the second largest Rolex watch. The first is our recently launched “Bao Dai”.

This golden chronograph was made in 1969 and was one of only three gold Paul Newman Daytona Rolex Replica Watches. No one will tell anyone when to sell. This particular one was carefully preserved in good condition and features 6239 printed on the bottom.
This rare watch with a creamy lemon candy dial, with a contrasting white base.

Cosmograph signature is slightly lined. This means that watches are the first of its kind. Luminous spot uniform or even uniform. They are already aging to warm yellow tones similar to the dial. The Rolex Replica has a golden mark beneath the earring, and the sharp surface is at the top. The watch was originally purchased by his wife Joanne Woodward to Paul Newman. She put the phrase “carefully driving, I” engraved on the bottom cover. This unique carving makes the watch more attractive.

Obviously this is a very admirable collector Rolex Replica Watches. In the rare Rolex launched a fierce bid, see this appreciation. An unknown buyer won the watch after winning the victor in the fierce bidding war.