Rolex Submariner In Green Replica Watch Review

The Rolex Submariner Date reference 116610LV, aka “Hulk,” is the Rolex Submariner we all know and love (there are always dissenters, I imagine) but with a green ceramic bezel and green dial. It commands a price premium over the more traditional black ceramic bezel and matching black dial “classic” Cheap Rolex Replica reference model and further exists in the interesting pantheon of green Rolex watches that have often been released as special anniversary pieces for the brand.

As is the case with many timepieces that I eventually end up being very fond of, the green-dialed Rolex Submariner was not a timepiece I was immediately enamored with when it was first debuted in 2010. It was hardly that I didn’t like it – especially as I am pretty sure green is my favorite color – but rather that I was a bit ambivalent towards it. I believe my thinking at the time was that the black-dialed Submariner was so good, it was going to be tough to convince consumers to get green instead of black, or to ask them to pony up and buy both. I also want to note that while the green Cheap Rolex Replica UK isn’t a limited edition, it’s not the type of watch Rolex will make forever. Its popularity has kept it in production, but Rolex could quietly stop making it at any time without notice or reason.

Over the years, I’ve admired the Rolex Submariner Replica from afar seeing it on fellow watch lovers, celebrities, and even hearing some people criticize it. Someone whose taste I admire even called it “uncool.” Mind you, at the time, this person was wearing a Rolex (a vintage Daytona on a bund-style cuff strap) so they weren’t exactly hostile to the brand. I believe their reasoning was that in their opinion wearing the green-dialed Rolex Submariner 116610LV came across to him as though someone was “trying too hard.” Trying too hard to what? Well, perhaps stand out or be unique.

I agree that if that is why you purchase this watch, or any Fake Rolex UK for that matter, then it isn’t cool. I do, however, disagree that the green Rolex Submariner 116610LV isn’t a cool watch – it just depends on how you wear it. First of all, green is obviously a key color for Rolex, given that it is the brand’s primary trademark hue. What I like, however, is that Rolex likes to play with various shades of green. That means the various green Rolex watches out there, from Daytona watches to Presidents, have different shades and finishes of green. I personally think that if I were sufficiently funded I would very much like to have a collection of as many different green-dialed Rolex watches as I could get my hands on.

With that said, I should of course remind you of some key reasons why Rolex Submariner watches are so popular to begin with. For me it is less about its long heritage going back to 1953, and more about how Rolex has nurtured a beautiful, elegant, timeless, masculine, and sporty design into a modern watch as it has continually improved it.
As much as I love wearing a black Rolex Submariner, it doesn’t tell anyone who knows about watches anything about me. It just says I like sport watches and have enough disposable income to afford a luxury product. It doesn’t really say what makes me unique. A downside of wearing many Cheap Rolex Replica, and especially the most popular ones, is that they force you to blend in. Alternatively, if you want to communicate something more distinctive about yourself but don’t want to make it too “out there,” then consider what I said earlier about getting something otherwise conservative, but with a controversial twist to it. In this case, that controversy is the color green.

Prior to the Rolex Submariner 116610LV there was the previous “50th Anniversary” reference 16610LV that had the same black dial but with a green bezel. Debuted in 2003, the bezel of the Rolex Submariner 16610 series was an aluminum insert, which by contrast feels cheap and primitive to the Cerachrom ceramic bezels used on Cheap Rolex Submariner models today. Understand that making a black ceramic bezel is easier than green because black as a color is more stable. Colors such as green tend to be far less consistent in the ceramic baking process. This is why you actually see relatively few ceramic colors, and mostly black or white. Darker colors are much easier to get done well, but tones such as blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, or green are either uncommon or wholly unavailable because they end up looking like crap.